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Unsafe ActsActs

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to determine if a workplace is safe or not.  Sometimes, the answer is very obvious.   Of course, we should all know by now, common sense is not that common.    Take a look at the pictures below, you will be amazed how people can do such dangerous acts.

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No respiratory protection at all for a coal miner like him.  He is likely to develop "dark lungs" disease very soon.  For more pictures, Unsafe Acts - Coal Miners
As you can see, some individuals are sitting on some tiny branches.  Those branches may break anytime.  Gravitational force is at work all the time.  Once you ignore it, you can get killed or badly injured.  For more pictures, Unsafe Acts - Fall Protection
Electricity and water do not get along well.  An electrocution is waiting to happen.  He should be using a cordless drill instead.  For more pictures, Unsafe Acts - Electrical Hazards
OUCH!!! For more pictures, Unsafe Acts - Sports
A sedan is designed to carry passengers and a little bit of cargo.  Definitely, not these much.  For more pictures, Unsafe Acts - Overloading
The use of any personal protective equipment should be the last resort for any work.  Ideally speaking, the hazard should be eliminated first.  If the hazard can not be eliminated, then try to minimize it.  When all things fail, then use the CORRECT personal protective equipment.  An incorrect personal protective equipment offers a false sense of protection.  


Either the gentleman in shorts is too careless, or the men in level B suit are too careful.  For more pictures on personal protection equipment, Unsafe Acts - Personal Protective Equipment

Where is the head?  It is somewhere close to the big cat's mouth.  For some unusual accidents, Unsafe Acts - Miscellaneous
Can you see the soda cans inside this wall.  Instead of concrete or bricks, you see the cans instead.  The soda cans were used as part of building materials.  Is it safe to live in a house like this?  For some construction pictures, Unsafe Acts - Hazards in Construction

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